Where Are We?

Who Are We?

Third Person Omniscient Productions is located in Prince George's County, Maryland, which is a suburb of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Because Prince George's County, Maryland is the most affluent predominately Black county in the United States of America, it is the prime location from which to tell diverse stories that have a different perspective from the run-of-the-mill entertainment.
Joy Cheriel Brown is an accomplished screenwriter, with an MFA in creative writing from National University and a bachelor’s degree from Howard University, where she studied film and English and graduated summa cum laude. She has written several feature-length screenplays and received numerous accolades.

Joy is the founder of Third Person Omniscient Productions, a production company whose mission it is to produce quality movies, plays, and television shows that enlighten audiences about the human condition, shed light on the meaning of life, and raise the collective consciousness. Her first feature film, Love’s Duty, is currently in development by her production company.

Beyond writing and producing original works, Joy also coaches screenwriters who want to write meaningful, production-ready screenplays. She has served as a screenwriting mentor for the DC Shorts Filmmaking Mentor Series and a panelist for the screenwriting panel at the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council’s Festival of Literary Arts.  She recently launched a YouTube channel where she presents script analyses of studio and independent films.