N.O.S. (2018) is a short film about an 18-year-old girl who is institutionalized for psychosis for the first time and has to find out why she is there and how to get out.
IMDB:  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8046558/?ref_=nm_knf_i1

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Stuck is a stage play about an ambitious teenage girl who invites her neighbor over, a fellow classmate with a bad boy image who she has a crush on, during an oncoming blizzard when her mom is out of town on business.

Stuck had its world premiere in 2019 at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC. If you want to read the four star review, please click here:

One Chance (2011) is a short film produced for $2,000 for the D.R.U.M. Foundation to empower youths, directed by Dwayne Brown, about a young, troubled teen who faces the consequences after lashing out at a teacher.


Figment (2004) was Joy Cheriel Brown's thesis film to complete her film program at Howard University. It is about a young foster girl who must give up her imaginary friend to make room for a real friend.